Zinio, the world’s largest online newsstand, brings thousands upon thousands of magazines to the people who love them. By paying once for a magazine subscription or single issue, readers can view the content on whatever PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone they prefer. With the introduction of Apple’s iPad, Zinio recognized an even greater opportunity for showcasing Zinio’s offerings. With Hot Studio leading design concepting, the design for Zinio’s revolutionary iPad application was born.


Tall project, short deadline
Six weeks prior to the launch of the iPad, Zinio committed to a major app release for the device. In partnership with Pervasent, a leading mobile platform developer that specializes in iPhone apps, Hot worked closely with Zinio’s seasoned internal teams and quickly grasped the company’s business.

Maxing the iPad potential
Perfectly suited for displaying large format magazines, the iPad can optimize interactivity with lush content—including video, audio, and slideshows—to create a rich user experience. Working with the app development team Hot Studio sketched a prioritized product roadmap, then rapidly designed and implemented a store, reader, and new types of content, all tailored to make the most of the iPad’s potential.

The future of publishing starts here
The new app allows magazines—and advertisers—to easily and cost-effectively feature compelling content within the “pages” of a given title. What that means for readers is fast access thousands of interactive, full-color multimedia magazines right on their iPads. Zinio’s iPad app allows magazines to bridge their print and digital properties, forging a uniquely immersive and engaging “reading” experience. This is nothing less than a catalytic leap in the evolution of the digital magazine.

Click here to download the app.

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