A champion of independently produced programs, Independent Television Service (ITVS) funds, presents, and promotes programs that take creative risks and spark public dialogue. Through public television, cable, and innovative web media including the Emmy-winning series Independent Lens, this publicly-funded organization creates an international forum for the voices of underrepresented communities. To help ITVS fulfill its mission beyond its award-winning documentaries and dramas, Hot Studio completely transformed the ITVS brand experience with a fresh, dynamic website designed for maximum reach and relevancy.


Zooming in on the audience
But how could one website effectively meet the needs of the entire ITVS audience? Hot Studio mapped a plan to engage independent film producers, educators, community organizers, station programmers, and the public at large in a highly immersive, emotive web experience. To connect with users and share ITVS films, the new website would rise from a flat, predictable interface to an interactive showcase of the incredible ITVS video content and the producers who create it. Showcasing the visually dynamic content at the forefront of the site helped convey the passion and vibrancy of the ITVS organization.

Additional changes tailored to individual user groups made the site easier and much more satisfying to use. For example, more intuitive browsing made it simple for the public to immerse themselves in video and film content and find local show times for any given program. Producers could just fill out an online form to get answers to their specific questions. And broadcasters could find programs meeting certain content needs.

Rolling the credits for Carbon Five
Thanks to Hot’s technical partner, Carbon Five, the bold new ITVS site sports an equally impressive backend. Built on the extensible Ruby on Rails-based framework, ITVS may continue to draw from its FileMaker database with no delays or complications. The end result marks the success of Hot, Carbon Five, and ITVS to bring the voices of a diverse society to the web, and the mission of ITVS to people who make it possible.