Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books—reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them. Blurb is dedicated to providing people with the amazing experience of making a bookstore-quality book of their own creation.


Chapter I. Blurb gets Hot
Nobody knows photobooks like Blurb. Part company, part community, this San Francisco team brings the joy of booking-making to the masses. From vacation snapshot books to professional portfolios, all you need is the BookSmart application to create lush, book-store quality volumes of your own.

Downloading and installing software takes time. And Blurb suspected it would attract more novice and professional users with the immediate access of an Internet solution. What Blurb needed was a Rich Internet Application (RIA) to extend its business, and make it even easier for all users to create custom photobooks.

What Blurb got was Bookify from the experienced Hot Studio team.

Chapter II. In-house testing, outstanding results
Thanks to stellar in-house testing capabilities, Hot Studio created a highly interactive prototype to test and experiment with various proposed designs. Working collaboratively, Blurb and Hot tested the prototype to see which interactions worked. Then we iterated and tested again. The testing yielded a solid development strategy and confidence in the process—no assumptions, no guessing, no expensive mistakes.

Chapter III. The solution that clicked
Click a photo. Drag and drop it onto a blank page. Turn snapshots into a photobook in 30 minutes, or spend the day polishing your project. Bookify makes it all possible. Even easier to use than the BookSmart application, Bookify delivers immediate access to the familiar tools users want. Online, anytime, this superior new RIA opens a new chapter in Blurb’s business and closes the book on limited growth potential.