Architecture for Humanity (AFH) is a nonprofit organization that brings architectural design services to people in need. Hot Studio worked closely with AFH and Sun Microsystems to develop the Open Architecture Network, an online experience that would allow design professionals from around the world collaborate on housing design projects. We were then asked to create a logomark reflecting AFH’s principles.


Finding inspiration in the classics
The visual identity needed to be iconic and encapsulate the diverse community being brought together through the site. It also had to reflect the desire of the organization’s members to build beautiful and livable structures for people in need.

We found a solution in the classic principle of “the golden rectangle.” Considered one of the most pleasing shapes to the human eye, it appears in nature, music, art, and classic architecture such as the Greek Parthenon.

Evoking the building blocks of community
The new logomark’s simple structure and earth-toned palette represent the basic building blocks that—along with committed individuals—can make life better, one structure at a time. It elegantly and instantly conveys the essence of Architecture for Humanity.