Aug 18, 2009

Get Hot at SXSW

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Josh Williams
Director, Product Strategy

It's that time of year again, time to start voting on next year's SXSW Interactive program. Before you head over to the 2010 PanelPicker, please take note of these insightful, inspiring, and exceptional topics presented by folks from Hot Studio and friends!

  • Tools for Good: Design Meets Technology in Service
    Call for a 21st Century focus: helping people and saving the planet.  Our panel will dive deep into skills, techniques and strategies from successful global initiatives in architecture, education, and community. Experience hands-on how the power of design and technology is the great differentiator guiding collaborations for positive change.
  • Building Websites for Rockstars
    In a time of tectonic change for the industry, a major record label shares its tale of building websites that fans actually like for some of the biggest music artists in the world.
  • The Audacity of Context
    Rise to the top of the flood of media content. Publishing multiple channels doesn’t guarantee you’ll connect with your audience. By adding and reviewing appropriate metadata and understanding context (who, when, where, and on what device), your content can become more findable and more meaningful.

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Kevin O'Malley from TechTalk/Studio also has a panel:

Creating the Killer Speech For Any Conference
Learn the nuts and bolts of creating, pitching and presenting speeches for any conference — and a clear process on how to develop and evolve your personal brand. Proven tools and techniques to effectively harness your ideas, package them for the right audience, and successfully market them through the spoken word.

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Don't forget about our good friends over at Carbon Five:

The Experiment is the Product: Innovation through Iteration
Create a fertile environment for innovation using mainstream tools like Agile development, low-cost user-testing, and open-source software. Iterate on process, and product. Learn our hyper-iterative, customer-driven, experiment-based process developed through a bootstrapping collaboration to build a rapidly evolving product that defines "social search".

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